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Bringing the Answers Inside You Out

Bringing The Answers Inside You Out


Is Jennifer the right coach for you?

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Let’s talk! I want to hear about what’s going on with you.

Most of the clients I work with are creative, brilliant, highly-capable and super-ambitious. (When we first start working together, some don’t even realize this about themselves.)

They are looking for fulfillment in their personal lives and careers. They seek permission to prioritize themselves…their entrepreneurial aspirations and their self-care…without sacrificing their lifestyles (income, marriage, kids’ well-being) or the effort they’ve put forth thus far to get where they are.

Does this sound like you? Then let’s talk!

What my wonderful clients say about working with me:

“Jennifer is a patient, perceptive and empathetic listener who will hold a space for you to show up just as you are – without judgment, pretense or expectations.”

“Her compassionate and authentic coaching style will help you feel comforted, rejuvenated and inspired to take on challenges.”

“She’s motivating without being intimidating. It’s like talking with a trusted friend and advisor.”

What is Life Coaching (aka Wayfinding)?

Coaching involves examining your thoughts and noticing which ones are blocking you from being the best version of yourself. They’re often the cause of pain, stress, anger or anxiety, which then leads to undesirable behavior and often a disconnection from our bodies.

The good news is, you hold the power to break these limiting habits to find the freedom and elation that you seek.

Wayfinding can help you reconnect your mind with your body to heal emotionally, and often as a result heal physically, as your inner wisdom rises to the surface. You have the answers…coaching simply helps you locate and listen to them. And then we create a plan of action based on what is right for YOU personally.

Wayfinding can help if you are:

  • Stressed-out or having panic attacks
  • Feeling stuck in any area of your life
  • Finding it hard to sleep because your mind won’t turn off
  • Looking to make changes in your life, but unsure what to do
  • Wondering how to break bad habits for good
  • Searching for fulfillment and purpose in your life
  • Navigating major life changes and feeling overwhelmed
  • Suffering from chronic pain that doctors haven’t been able to resolve

If you’re looking for a safe and confidential space to explore how you can prioritize yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Wayfinding is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix to your problems. (Coaching requires a commitment of time, energy and willingness.)
  • You want someone to tell you what to do. (What’s right for me, or right for someone else, isn’t necessarily right for you. I’ll help you find your answers, but I won’t tell you what to do.)
  • You aren’t ready to examine your thoughts, feelings and behavior. (It’s scary to go there and it’s vulnerable…I get it. I’ve been there. Yet the only way to release it is to go straight through it and come out the other side. I’ll be right there with you in a safe and confidential space.)
  • You don’t feel a slight tug toward something bigger than you; that you are meant to do more and be more than you are right now.

Curious to learn more?

Please submit your information in the form below to schedule your FIRST SESSION FREE. I’ll answer your questions and ask some of my own. It’s an opportunity to learn first-hand what coaching can do for you, and if we’re a match – great! If not, that’s ok, too.


Jennifer Bauer is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

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