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The Gift of Confidence

Flame of inspiration

One of my former mentors and bosses taught me an invaluable lesson about confidence. It is the foundation for giving your unique gifts to the world. Without it, one hides in complacency and the shadows of doubt. With it, we do amazing, creative and society-impacting things.

Over the past year of coaching clients, I’ve realized the common thread among them all has been helping them find confidence in, and learning to trust, themselves. While all their goals and reasons for seeking out coaching have been dramatically different, each person simply needed to reconnect with the light inside of themselves that says, “You are enough! You are everything that you need! You can accomplish whatever you put your heart and attention into!”

When life’s earthquakes shake us, it’s easy to loose our foothold. We stumble with shaking legs, trying to find firmness and stability. Some look behind them for what they once knew was solid only to find it is rubble. The choice is to freeze in panic or move forward.

Those, who are willing to reach for my hand find that looking inward to notice and observe the circumstances of their life, have an opportunity to recreate and transform the crumbles into whatever they desire. Once they can dissolve the doubt and self-trash-talk, they find a beautiful, kind and wise voice that reminds them just how amazing they are. That their unique gifts are to be utilized to their highest ability to serve the world in the way they were intended.

Once they find that confidence in themselves and gratitude for their gifts, Love/Universe/God opens up and sends them exactly what they need at the most perfect time. I’ve been so privileged to be witness to this happen with my clients as they build the life that they’ve craved. Miracles begin to unfold as they find joy, purpose and fulfillment by simply doing what makes their heart sing.

I am so grateful to be a part of that journey. I wouldn’t have had that chance, had I not been given the gift of confidence from those who held my hand as I stumbled out of the ruins. They’ve given that to me, and I now pass it along to those who are willing to accept it.

There is no end to this light, it is infinite. From one candle flame lighting another, if we all share our light, the world becomes a very bright place.

Who’s candle flame of confidence have you lit with your own light lately?