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10 Exercises to Fall (Back) In Love With Yourself

Let your life bloom like a cherry blossom in Spring.

With all the hype and commercialism that surrounds Valentine’s Day, our culture batters us into believing that we need some other person to shower us with adoration, compliments, chocolates, fancy wine and dinner, champagne, flowers and poetry to feel loved and complete. The truth is, you are the only valentine that matters. Only you can make you feel loved, adored and treasured.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m full of it? Try each of these exercises and then if you don’t feel at least a little more self-love, tell me I’m crazy in the comments.

10 Exercises To Fall (Back) In Love With Yourself:

  1. What are you exceptionally good at? What talent, skill, or “personal magic” makes you uniquely you? Set a timer for ten minutes and list them all out – even ones that might sound silly like organizing your sock drawer by color, style, pattern and material.
  2. What problems are you good at helping people solve? This could be at work, with friends who come to you for help, or maybe scratching that one spot on your dog’s back that he can’t reach on his own. List at least three…and keep going if you get on a roll. Nothing is off limits here if you have a knack for it.
  3. Find and name at least six things that you love about your body that don’t focus on the exterior. Here are some starters: Maybe that your heart beats completely on its own without your having to do ANYTHING. Or maybe that you breathe automatically as well – you’ve been doing it since birth, you do it in your sleep (without any thought) and will continue to until you reach the end of your journey. Have some fun with it…try to think of as many things that you love until you go more than sixty seconds without thinking of something new.
  4. What did you accomplish today? (Or yesterday – if you just woke up and reading this is your first accomplishment of the day. Besides waking up, of course!) List it all out…the big stuff AND the little stuff. That can be everything from making your bed, to getting dressed, to putting your shoes on the right feet. I’m serious – these all take some level of effort and this is your opportunity to give yourself some long-overdue credit. Remember the days when even smiling or burping would elicit squeals of delight from your parents? It’s that kind of list.
  5. What are your top 5 favorite smells? Go find at least one of them and take a few minutes to breathe it in and savor the action of smelling something so dang good.
  6. Visualize and relive your most favorite vacation. Take a long, slow, deep breathe and bring yourself back to that time. What did you see? What did you experience? What activities did you do? What sounds did you hear? What did the air feel like? How did the food taste? Any particular meal or treat stand out to you? What did the bed (or sleeping bag and tent) you slept in feel like?
  7. Play a song you enjoy either singing or dancing to…then do it: Sing, Dance, Jump, Shout. Let the music take over your body and flow with it. No one is watching, it’s just you and you can move and vocalize however makes you feel most free!
  8. Think of someone who’s approval or affection you crave. Imagine the most perfect conversation in your most ideal dream of conversations with said person. How do you feel? Where does that hit you in your body? What does that feeling feel like physically? You just gave that to yourself. The conversation came from your deepest core, your own inner truth of what your higher self believes about you.
  9. Name 10 (or more) things that you are whole-heartedly grateful for in your life. This can be anything, even if it’s silly, that makes you feel deeply thankful. Spend a few moments filling your mind with those people, places and/or things. Let gratitude for them fill your heart chakra.
  10. Find a mirror, look into your eyes and say, “I love you.”


For those of you who made it through all 10 exercises, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments. Please share what you loved, what you found challenging (if anything) and how you felt afterward!