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Manifesto to my Fellow Bears

Grizzly Bear

If you’re like me, you may find yourself repeating the patterns of choosing food for pleasure instead of nourishment and sitting over activities. This manifesto is to those who want to eat healthier and move their bodies more. We can do it!

Are you tired of breaking into cars to find old Cheetos and French fries that have fallen under seats? Do you find yourself annoyed at campers who tease you with the scent of chocolate bars that you just can’t resist? Have you gained an extra hundred pounds each summer only to hide away and hibernate all winter?

Join me and put an end to engorging! Say NO to hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and dips! Put down the cheese and whipped cream from cans!

We were not intended to feast-past-full on vacationers’ buffets when we have been blessed with berries, honey and fish.

Let us leave the processed food, nitrates and MSG in the trash where they belong. Instead, we shall hike to where the sweet blueberries ripen on the bush, ready to pluck with our gentle lips.

Rather than climb a tree to steal a camper’s sack, let us scale to find the swarm of bees and lick the dripping stickiness from their wax hexagons. No need to fear stings, our skin was built tough.

Stride down to the river, full of rainbow trout and Chinook salmon, to play catch in the small falls. Capitalize on our strong paws and sharp nails to wrestle with slippery scales until we spear our next meal.

Join me and forage for wild beans, nuts, grass and tubers that grow in abundance along the hills and in the valleys. Let’s lick up ants and moths from fallen trees in the forest!

All of these things nature has provided to us in its infinite wisdom and meticulous attention to the interdependencies of all creatures. Let us be grateful for the abundance and return now to our true nature!

Photo Credit: Jerry Bauer