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What you Fixate on, you Create

Manifest Destiny

Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we were as obsessive about our dreams as we are over tragedy, both imagined and circumstantial?

We manifest what we believe.

Part of me wonders if our collective fear over what we believe Trump will do to America has created the very chaos we’re watching unfold right now. Then we spin up more fears, and it continues to become more insane. One giant self-fulfilling prophecy-spiral built by our anger, fear and sadness.

And this goes for everything we are upset about.

That guy who stole your parking space at the packed festival after you were circling the lot for 20 minutes — two weeks ago. And you’re still plotting your choice words for him if you cross paths again.

That anxiety over whether, if only you had said or done things differently on your first interview, there would have been a second. Now you’ll be stuck at your current job forever stapling briefing packets in some cold basement with cobwebs and mold.

Stress over wondering if your six-month old child will eventually be an addict on the streets because you didn’t realize you were pregnant until after your sister’s wild bachelorette in Vegas. So you fanatically search for articles on the topic and end up binge reading the hundreds of ways parenting can go wrong.

Believing yourself unworthy of finding that special someone because you haven’t yet, therefore you’ll be alone and die among your fifteen cats. And you don’t even like, nor have ever owned, cats.

Think about how much energy is spent in that headspace. That worry over a future state that doesn’t even exist outside of our minds.

If we could harness all of that mental space and emotional energy and put it toward what would make our hearts sing with elation, how would our lives be different?

If we were fixated on pursuing our passions, would we already have brought our dreams to fruition?

If our conversations were boisterously engaged with the steps we’re taking toward pursuing what brings us joy, how much happier would we be overall?

Where our attention goes, we go. We are the creators of our reality.

What do you choose to focus on? What beliefs about your future do you want to run toward?


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