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What Nike’s new Campaign has to Teach Us

Zip Lining in Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls

I’m digging on Nike’s new ad campaign! Yes, I support everyone who stands up and out for what they believe in. Yes, I admire those whose resolve to be extraordinary and continually do better in the face of adverse circumstances. Yes, I stand beside those who are willing to be honest about what needs to be fixed in our society. Yes to all of that! AND…I love:

“It’s only crazy ‘til you do it.”

This motto goes well beyond sports and representing the specific athletes’ voices in our current news cycle.

It stands for anyone who has ever dared to live boldly. For everyone who has pushed beyond societal expectations and known in their heart of hearts, “I want more! I deserve more! I can be more!”

Think of any inventor in the history of innovation and I guarantee you that someone earlier on in his/her life had said it was impossible and that anyone trying to achieve it was “crazy. It’s a waste of time, intelligence, skill, whatever…”

Electricity. The telephone. Flight. The Internet. (Only to name a few.)

So I ask you, what have you yearned to do (within legal and ethical boundaries, of course!) that others have told you you’re crazy to even consider?

I left the corporate world (and corresponding guise of stability and wealth) to become a life coach. What most believed was risky and a complete waste of my MBA education and 16+ years invested in a career path.

Crazy? Maybe crazy in love with what I do. Obsessed over the coaching tools? – absolutely! In admiration of my clients’ progress? – completely!

And the freedom – wow the freedom – is the most stable I’ve felt in a vocation ever.

I’m not alone in this, either. I hear examples all the time of people turning passion into a vocation.

My PR friend’s client who turned her love of cupcakes into a small business run out of her garage to then opening a retail shop, and is now opening her second retail location.

My own client whose hobby of family photography went from something she might consider doing to booked solid three months out, even after increasing her rates.

Those who call it crazy are speaking from fear. They’re well intentioned; they just can’t see the big picture. They don’t have the vision. And that’s fine – for them. Don’t let their fear dampen your flame for greatness.

You were given your passions and talents for a reason. Use them. Boldly reach for what lights you up.

Sure, there may be things you still need to learn and skills that need to be honed. So do it. One step at a time, make your way up that staircase.

Serena, LeBron and Kaepernick didn’t start out as athletic stars. They worked for it. And while they were tested and challenged along the way, their passion made that work feel like play. That inner fire fueled them on.

Tap into yours and use that to set you on your course. Forget the naysayers and crazy-talkers. Let them wallow in their fear-based limited life and remain cogs in the system. This is YOUR life. Your one and precious life. Use it.

“It’s only crazy ’til you do it.”

If you’re afraid to take the first step, or if you need help identifying which direction to go, coaching can help. Let’s talk!