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Three Steps to Feather Life’s Storms

Hawk Feathers

Life’s storms come rolling in with thunder, lighting, rain and wind. They’re loud, they’re powerful and they’re an unavoidable reality.

Recently, I was meditating, asking for next steps to take and inner wisdom on braving a particular inner storm. The answer that arrived was a feather.

1) Snuggle In

When parent birds prepare a nest, they’ll often line it with their own feathers to soften the space for their vulnerable chicks.

I’ve found that when the rug is torn out from underneath me, the best thing to do is rest.

I invite you also to make yourself a comfortable nest to curl up into and allow whatever emotions arise flow. Maybe journal about what comes up for you about this storm. This is a vulnerable time that needs a soft space for reflection. I suggest you to find a compassionate witness, like a friend or relative, to sit and listen without offering advice.

When you’re ready, then it’s time to…

2) Shield Your Core

The feather is also responsible for inspiring the phrase, “like water off a duck’s back.” It works aptly for diverting rain – or anything that would dampen birds to the core.

Each of us is a vibrant soul and pure love at our core. Often our mind and ego confuse us into forgetting that, especially during cataclysmic life events.

When we question our fear of the future or belief that we lack what we need to survive — and actively identify proof that neither is true — we have an opportunity to come back to ourselves, back to our core. And these thoughts fall away like water off a duck’s back.

Then we’re ready to…

3) Ride the Wind

Feathers work in cooperation with the wind, not against it. Each vane houses hundreds of barbs with barbules that weave together to make it strong, yet also soft and light enough to catch the wind like a sail.

Can you imagine if birds refused to fly when there was wind? They would have to work so much harder to get anywhere…and there would be a lot of waiting.

What if we were to ride life’s storms instead of resisting and bracing against it? What if we trusted that it was whisking us away to a better circumstance?

There is such a beautiful freedom in that trust and soft surrender. I invite you to leverage the storm’s power by leaning into it, and you just might land on the other side of the rainbow.


If you’re curious how coaching can help you feather your life storm, let’s talk!