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Feeling Stuck? 8 Steps to Find Your Next Step

Steps Forward in Sand

We can only make educated guesses about outcomes. Despite copious amounts of research, planning and strategic analysis, the future has infinite possibilities. So how does one make a clear decision when outcomes are unknown?

The path to truth is intuition. We trust our gut, which speaks to us in physical sensations, metaphors and a sense of knowing to do. This sometimes runs contradictory to our logical mind’s analysis.

Trusting one’s intuition can be challenging. We second-guess urges and inklings with all the rules we try to follow in our mind. This can leave us in analysis-paralysis.

When my clients find themselves stuck and unable to move forward, it’s usually because their mind and gut are at odds. Sometimes the mind tells them there’s so much to get done, or that a goal is too big, that it blocks taking the one next step their intuition knows to take. Other times, their beliefs about what they should be doing is telling them the opposite of what their gut says to do.

During coaching sessions, we use tools to help separate their limiting beliefs from their intuition. When a client becomes still and tunes in to that part of them that knows, there is always an answer and a next step to take. The outcome doesn’t have to be clear to know what to do.

One of my friends is a clairvoyant astrologist. She has learned to quiet her mind and simply allow whatever comes up to come out of her mouth – no filter, no pausing, no challenging. What she sees is what you get. To the extent that she often forgets what she has said because it is so fluid and in flow. If she stops to think about it, she cuts the connection. Too many cut connections and she could completely block her gift. So she just goes with it, trusting it absolutely.

Our gut works the same way. The more frequently we tune in to it and follow it without question, the stronger that skill grows. The more we trust it, the more intuition we are given. We build it like a muscle until it becomes our natural response.

One way to bypass over-analysis stuck-ness and tune into our intuition is by connecting with the creative, visual part of our brain. We do this by using our challenge as a metaphor. I invite you to practice the following with a particular obstacle you’re stuck in a decision about. Keep your eyes closed throughout steps 1 through 5 of this process and observe this visualization play out.

  1. With your eyes closed, take three, slow, deep inhales and exhales.
  2. Ask yourself: If this particular challenge were a person, place, animal or object, what would it be? (Go with whatever first pops in your mind, even if it’s silly and especially if it doesn’t make sense. Just go with it.)
  3. Notice and describe this symbol with as much detail as possible and call upon all of your senses to do so. Explore it in depth…size, weight, location, where you are in relation to it, what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell. Go deep and be curious.
  4. Ask yourself: What do I want to happen in this situation I’m visualizing? How can that be acheived?
  5. Visualize that happening and notice the details of it playing out.
  6. Open your eyes.
  7. Look at this visualization metaphorically. What does your solution (what you wanted to happen) represent in regard to your original challenge?
  8. What next step do you want to take?

I’d love to hear about your experience with this visualization exercise. Please leave a comment and let me know! (And if you found it too challenging to do on yourself, I invite you to schedule a session with me and we can explore it together.)