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What is Your Time, Joy & Health Worth?

Great blue heron

Our minds are incredible. We create music, art, technology, and solutions to our ever-evolving problems. We process millions of bits of information per second. We are constantly innovating, learning and growing. We dream up alternate worlds and fantastical stories that entertain and delight us. And yet, with all that power, we can find ourselves spending much of it on reliving painful memories or envisioning worst-case future scenarios.

The person who cut us off in traffic and then flipped us off like it was our fault, the underhanded slight our coworker made in a meeting, or a friend who lied can take up an enormous amount of brain space. Sometimes it is busy envisioning future doomsday scenarios of the ten thousand ways an anticipated conversation or event will go down. Like somehow if we could see around corners we would be better prepared for the horrors of what our mind has concocted (which rarely, if ever, end up happening).

My hunch is, if we were to count the minutes and hours spent living in the past or the future, we would find that it far outweighs engaging in the present moment.

Think of all that we could have potentially achieved if that time were spent “exist(ing) in perpetual creative response to whatever is present.” (Yogi Amrit Desai)

What would you do if you could maximize your potential?

That’s what coaching offers. It helps you flush the junk away so that you can free up that mental space for more productive and fulfilling activities. You get your time and joy back, and often as a result, your physical health improves.

What is that worth to you?

For me, it was life changing. So much so that I have made it my vocation because I so passionately want to help everyone feel as good as I do. When I found this other, easier way to live, I shouted from the highest mountain, “Join me! The view is amazing!”

If you’re ready to unpack the burden of your mind’s limiting beliefs and painful thoughts, let’s talk. I have a hunch you have an incredibly joyous and impactful life that’s just waiting to be lived to the fullest!