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How to Best Support your Health Holistically this Fall

Fall Trees

Our lives follow the cyclical nature of the seasons. The Autumn equinox arrived on Saturday and we can already feel the change. This is a time to take stock of our resources and harvest them. To appreciate the bounty that we’ve worked so hard to cultivate in the Spring and Summer, and to share it with those we hold most dear.

As the leaves change to reds, oranges and yellows, we’re invited to notice the similar changes in our mental and emotional states. Our corresponding chakras vibrate in tune as we feel into our grounded-ness, bright creativity and renewed sense of purpose. All the seeds we sowed earlier in the year are finally coming to fruition.

With this rich harvest, we feel stable enough to shed the blocks we’ve been gripping for too long. We recognize the weight of this burden and are more willing to let go. As these leaves fall to the ground they become nutrient-rich fuel for our spiritual growth.

What stories about your life have you carried that you’re ready to release? What limitations have you put on yourself that no longer serve you? What old self-harmful habits, energy-draining relationships or constricting roles do you yearn to break free from?

Coaching can help you identify and shed all of these. Between thought-work, mind-body connection and metaphor work (just to name a few), there are many ways we can break through the barriers that keep you from living your most joyful and fulfilled life.

In addition to mental and emotional cleansing, Fall is a perfect time of year for a physical cleanse. With 70-80% of our immune system in our digestive tract, and considering our colon is the major eliminator of toxins in the body, cleansing our colon is a great way to support our body’s health. In doing so, we not only rid ourselves of any stored toxins, we also improve our ability to properly absorb nutrition.

Our body, mind and spirit are all interconnected. When looking at our health, it’s important to understand it holistically as well as contextually. Each season supports a particular aspect of healing, health and growth.

We’re consistently evolving and everything happens in its own perfect timing. And you are your best compass for navigating that. Feel into what is right for you and trust that you know best.


If you’re curious about how coaching can support your emotional, mental and physical health, let’s talk. I can answer your questions and help you identify areas where coaching can be most effective.