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An Orange County, Calif. native, Jennifer Bauer relocated back to the OC in 2015 after 18 years of living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to becoming a Wayfinder Master Coach, she held various executive marketing and communications positions in sports, live entertainment and high tech. In addition to her Wayfinder Master Coach certification from the Martha Beck Institute, she holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Santa Clara University.

Through experiencing various challenging life circumstances, Jennifer sought out ways to overcome her own mental and emotional roadblocks that were keeping her from living her best life. She found Martha Beck’s self-help books, tools and teachings to be just what she needed to forgive herself of past choices, give herself permission to practice self-care and follow her entrepreneurial ambitions.

During her own self-exploration of her life’s purpose, Jennifer discovered that she wanted to help others create the joyful, fulfilling and impactful lives that they were meant to live.

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Martha Beck Master Coach Certified Wayfinder

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Explore the Depths of Your Belief System to Find Freedom

Some of the greatest gifts and lessons I have learned surfaced during Life Coach Training. One of the most impactful was learning to listen to my body, which loves and supports me.

For seven years prior, I suffered from chronic back pain. With a herniated disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrate, I threw out my back about every two to three months.

It wasn’t until I learned to communicate and translate the pain did I realize that I wasn’t having my own back. I wasn’t standing in my integrity. I said yes when I wanted to say no, and I said no when fear was holding me back from saying yes. I bit my tongue or feigned compliance instead of communicating my truth.

Once I realized this, “had my own back” and found my voice, my pain disappeared. I now help my clients decipher the messages hidden in their chronic pain and that’s a beautiful healing.

In addition to mind-body-connection coaching, I’ve helped many of my clients through career transitions. I personally experienced multiple layoffs in my corporate career and can empathize with the flux of emotions and feeling of identity loss that can be overwhelming at times. During those challenging times, I worked with a life coach and utilized a variety of Martha’s self-help tools to grow from each obstacle. Many of these same tools I have personalized and incorporated into the work I do with my clients today.

When I was 20, I lost my mother to suicide. That set a course in motion that allowed me to informally help other bereavement survivors process and find meaning in their loss. Empathizing with their suffering and having seen the other side, I am deeply honored and humbled to help others navigate their courses across the pain and guilt to a shore of peace.

In my late 20s and early 30s, I was disconnected to my higher self and made some confused decisions. During that time, I foreclosed on my house and declared bankruptcy. I lost trust in myself and my decision making capabilities, which led to letting others make decisions for me that weren’t right for me. Through the gift of grace, I learned to love myself again, reclaimed my personal power and rid myself of the shame, guilt and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living a purposeful and fulfilling life.

If you want to work with a coach who has “been there” and come out the other side stronger, happier and more vibrant, I’m your gal. Let’s talk!