When Gift-Giving Becomes ‘Shackles-On,’ Use ‘The 3 Bs’

The past few months, I have been on a making food from scratch kick. Cooking has always brought me joy, and this year I started a basil, rosemary, Serrano and jalapeño garden to feed that hobby. I learned how to make my own salsa, pickled jalapeños, and pesto sauce. Then my husband bought me one … More When Gift-Giving Becomes ‘Shackles-On,’ Use ‘The 3 Bs’

The Energy of Money

I was recently watching a video of Martha Beck talking about the energy of money. When someone is vibrating at the same frequency with it, it flows freely…when someone’s energy is tense and tight about it, they miss each other. It makes sense. If your thoughts and limiting beliefs about money (ex: “I don’t have enough!” “What if I lose it?” “Why am I hemorrhaging money?”) result in feelings of anxiety, stress, and hopelessness, then of course money won’t be attracted to you. It’s a push energy instead of a pull energy. … More The Energy of Money

Designing a Coaching Playshop

As I plan for the future, I’m envisioning how I would go about designing a weekend coaching retreat or workshop (which I’d prefer to call “playshop”). Advice from master coaches focus on connecting with our original medicine and ideal day to lay the foundation for building a retreat on. Some coaches do Equis Training, where clients tap into their emotional energy to engage with horses. Others have nature retreats with a focus on forest bathing or building a campfire as a metaphor tool. … More Designing a Coaching Playshop

An Evening with Byron Katie…And New Friends

Katie is as advertised. You can feel even as an audience member that she is warm, compassionate, loving and completely out of her mind (in the best way possible). She absolutely is challenged in finding words and is so completely in the present moment that what was shared even a second ago has left her. So much so that her husband is “herding a cat” (his own words) when they do these events. … More An Evening with Byron Katie…And New Friends

Overcoming Fear

For as long as I can remember, the sight of needles and the thought of them inserting into skin has made me want to jump out of my skin. My heart leaps up into my throat, my back gets shivers and my shoulders scrunch up into my neck. Even watching needles on TV, knowing that the camera is filming fake skin and fake blood, gives me the heebie-jeebies and I can’t watch. I close my eyes and burry my head. “Just tell me when it’s over.” … More Overcoming Fear

Elation Explorer

I’ve challenged myself to find something new to experience each day here in Southern California…and to share it with you in the hopes that you will be inspired to also add something new to each day. No matter how small it might seem… … More Elation Explorer

Mind-Body (Re)Connection

Frequently throughout the day, I will check in with my body to keep my mind-body connection flowing and strong. It’s like exercising muscles…”use it or lose it.” (Though, once a connection is made it’s too delicious to ever even want to lose it.) While every day brings new insights, one “Climb Into Body” session in particular was too mind-blowing not to share. … More Mind-Body (Re)Connection