Manifesting Miracles in Puerto Vallarta

Everyone can (and does) manifest his/her reality each and every day. Most don’t realize it and chalk it up to luck. If we want it to happen, we call it a miracle. If we don’t, we call it bad luck. The likelihood of occurrence remains the same; all that changes is our outlook. I recently manifested a mini-version of my upcoming Healing & Hatching Retreat. It was a pleasant surprise and completely unexpected. … More Manifesting Miracles in Puerto Vallarta

Green Friday

There’s always been something that irked me about Black Friday. I finally realized what it is. We go from giving thanks Thursday to shopping-gluttony Friday. From focusing on family and creating memories to insatiable consumption of stuff. All in a matter of hours. … More Green Friday

Healing & Hatching in Costa Rica

When was the last time you felt such an energetic rush that your whole body tingled with goose bumps? That feeling your core recognizes as embarking on something amazing and magical. For me, that was envisioning my upcoming Healing & Hatching Retreat, which brings together all of my favorite things: coaching, sea turtles, wildlife conservation, immersion in nature, international travel as well as building connections and community. … More Healing & Hatching in Costa Rica

What House Projects & your Personal Hero’s Journey have in Common

For anyone who has ever started and completed a house-remodeling project – whether that’s redoing a kitchen or bathroom or maybe it’s a simple updating of a patio deck – you probably know that it never goes exactly as planned, no matter how much planning you do. There is always some unforeseeable hiccup that knocks things off course – sometimes slightly, other times way off course.

How can you apply this to the rest of your life? Learn how to shift into hero-mode… … More What House Projects & your Personal Hero’s Journey have in Common