Coaching Rates

What To Expect

Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight. Similar to working with a personal trainer, it takes time to build certain mental and mind-body connection “muscles” through exercising them in ways you may not have done before. It also takes time to break down old habits and replace them with healthier and happier alternatives…to sculpt the life that you crave. It’s an amazing process that is both challenging and freeing — if you choose to explore where it takes you.

Coaching sessions unfold organically depending on your unique journey. Often, what happens during sessions may not even have its full impact until a day, a week, a month or even years later. Timing is always as it should be: when you’re ready for “aha” moments. And there are layers to insights that will continue to unfold in their own time.

While each session has the opportunity for releasing tension and taking pressure off pain points, I have personally noticed that my clients usually start to have strong breakthroughs about five to six sessions in, if those sessions are consistent and they do their homework assignments. From there, insights seem to flow quicker and easier almost like they’re picking up steam.

Coaching is an experience that can’t be explained, only…well…experienced first-hand. Therefore, I offer the first session completely complimentary. It will give you a taste of what coaching can do for you, and a chance to see if I am the right coach for you. After the complimentary session, if you decide we’re not well-matched or you’re not ready to jump in, that’s completely ok.


Monday – Friday:
8 AM – 11 AM (PST): $99/Session*
11 AM – 4 PM (PST): $75/Session*
4 PM – 6 PM (PST): $125/Session*

Saturday or Sunday:
8 AM – 11 AM (PST): $145/Session*

Rates are based on supply and demand. All Sessions must be paid 24 hours in advance of the first paid session. Choice: Weekly, or every other week. Sessions last 1-hour and are conducted via Zoom conference calling with options for video or audio-only.

If you prefer to be coached in-person, we can create a custom-pricing coaching package. Please submit an inquiry to inversioncoaching [at] gmail [dot] com.

How does coaching compare to other hour-long services?

The effects of coaching last longer than the following common self-care services:

Manicure & Pedicure – $45-60
Massage – $95+
Facial – $95+
Acupuncture – $100+

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