Diversity & Inclusion

Are you a leader who wants to be more inclusive? Do you want to increase the diversity of your staff – or customer base – and are looking to learn how?

Maybe your company has D&I goals and you want to better understand this effort in a judgement-free and confidential coaching space? Or maybe you aren’t sure how to talk about it out of fear of offending someone or making the wrong decisions?

I can help!

I was an integral member of the team responsible for Intel’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative when they made the decision to invest $300 million in it. As the D&I Communications team leader and acting Chief of Staff for the Chief Diversity Officer, I contributed to developing the strategy and implementing the tactics company-wide. A few years later, Blizzard Entertainment hired me to coach their HR team on developing their own strategy, objectives and tactics.

I understand how fragile this topic is, and it’s only through open dialogue and addressing the underlying fears across the board that we can begin to find a place of understanding, empathy and compassion. That is where we find solutions that benefit all.

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart because the more inclusive we become as a culture, the more we invite everyone to shine their light brightly and bring their unique gifts to the world for the greatest good.

Let’s talk!