For Truth Seekers

Prior to becoming a coach, I had worked with three life coaches over the course of ten years. They helped me through some of the hardest challenges of my life. Throughout that time, I also read many of Martha Beck’s books. These not only helped me shed some of the shackles I’d been carrying around with me, but they also ignited my purpose in life.

Coaching is a portal way to peace. It’s a process to shed the weight of emotional and mental burdens. It offers freedom. It finds our truth. And it all tastes oh-so-delicious!!!

If you’re ready to live in integrity and embrace truth, compassion and love…let’s talk!

Coaching Rates:

Monday – Friday
8A – 11A: $175 / hour
11A – 4P: $125 / hour
4P – 6P: $199 / hour

8A – 11A: $245 / hour

For new clients, I offer a 30 minute consultation to answer any questions you have.