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Learn to Love Your Body in 30 Days

Tired of battling with your body? Frustrated that it isn’t working the way you want it to? Hiding the way it looks?

I get it, I’ve been there. Between struggling with chronic back pain for seven years and weight fluctuations, I wasn’t very kind to my body. Then I learned to love and appreciate it for all it does to support me.

I created a 30 day course using the very tools that helped me get there…the same tools I use with my clients.

Only $25 for 30 days of guided meditations, videos and assignments!

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Student Reviews:

Jenn’s class on learning to love your body was a great discussion and creative exploration of what it takes and means to listen to and love your body. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to tune in.         ~ Marcia

I didn’t realize how negatively I treated myself and my body until I started paying attention. This course has taught me to be kinder to myself.          ~ Alicia

I am excited to have so many great tools after completing the Learn to Love Your Body in 30 Days program. I feel like after 30 days I’m learning to love myself more (not just my body). Jennifer presented a few tools I’ve used before but so many that were new and I was happy to try them on. I found it very helpful with the flexibility she suggested to take it or leave it. This made me feel less anxious about needing to accept everything, though I did resonate with many of the tools. The mediations were wonderfully calming, centering and purposeful.  Her voice was also very calming and explanations/ directions were clear and concise (which I need early in the am and later at night). I was given tools that I can actually incorporate into my daily life with some practice. I enjoyed the daily journey with Jennifer and look forward to some one on one sessions.         ~ Michelle