Inversion Coaching Specializes in Helping People With:

  • Building Self-Confidence & ¬†Self-Compassion
  • Navigating Career Transition & Transformation
  • Improving Health & Wellness
  • Suicide Loss Bereavement

Each of us is on our own unique journey that enables us to help others through their challenges. In my own, I’ve experienced bereavement from suicide (which is its own complicated grief), repeated layoffs (and subsequent loss of identity), bankruptcy and home foreclosure (financial crisis), as well as health issues (both chronic pain and weight gain). These trips through hell aren’t permanent, although they can sure feel like there’s no end in sight.

If you’re in the midst of it, or still feeling the blistery sting, my guess is you want to speak with someone who gets it. I’ve been there and have the beautiful scars to prove it. I wear them with pride because they were the catalysts for my spiritual growth and have brought me to this moment – right now – to help YOU.

If you also find healing in building relationships, ocean waves, nature landscapes, and creative outlets such as photography and cooking…we might be cut from the same cloth. I’ve found that coaching those who are on a similar journey to mine brings a whole extra layer of release to sessions…and frankly, it’s a whole bunch of fun, too! So if any of this sounds familiar, let’s talk!

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