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Manifesting Miracles in Puerto Vallarta

Counting sea turtle eggs

I recently manifested a mini-version of my upcoming Healing & Hatching Retreat. It was a pleasant surprise and completely unexpected.

Everyone can (and does) manifest his/her reality each and every day. Most don’t realize it and chalk it up to luck. If we want it to happen, we call it a miracle. If we don’t, we call it bad luck. The likelihood of occurrence remains the same; all that changes is our outlook.

The formula is simple: Attention + Intention + No Tension = Manifestation.

When we focus our attention, we give energy to our thoughts. When we intentionally direct that energy, we transform it from thought to physical reality. The last step is where most people find this challenging: Surrendering and trusting the Universe/Source/God to coordinate the details.

About a year ago, my husband and I received an invitation to a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta and promptly booked our room at the Hyatt Ziva from the couple’s hotel block. Leading up to this vacation, I had been focusing most of my attention on intentionally creating a retreat that brings together everything I’m passionate about.

The day before we flew to Mexico, I launched the registration to my retreat (ie: hatched it out into the world). Once we boarded our flight, I was in vacation mode and completely surrendered into enjoying a week of exploring a new destination and immersing myself into the local culture.

On the morning of the wedding, I woke up surprisingly early (especially given the 2-hour earlier time difference from home). While my husband lay sleeping, I made myself a cup of coffee and sat out on the balcony to listen to the waves and watch the sun rise.

I casually looked down at the mostly empty beach when I spied people digging a hole in the sand.

Couple Digging Up Sea Turtle Eggs
Spied from my balcony

That looks like they’re digging for sea turtle eggs, I thought.

I leapt up and ran out of the hotel room – in my pajamas without even brushing my teeth – to join them on the beach.

Counting sea turtle eggs
Removing sea turtle eggs from the nest to rebury at the hatchery.

I was beyond elated to watch this experience that I had only read about (and had been busily planning for my own retreat). I had no idea until that moment that the hotel had a hatchery on-site.

One of the hotel staff, Miguel, walks the beach every morning at 7 a.m. looking for mama turtle tracks. He then digs up the eggs, counts them, and gently places them in a plastic bag, which he carries and reburies at the hatchery.

Miguel invited those of us who had gathered to re-bury the eggs at the hatchery. I was deeply honored and excited to do so.

These eggs will hatch on Christmas morning and I can’t think of a better way or day to celebrate the manifested miracle.

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Healing & Hatching in Costa Rica

When was the last time you felt such an energetic rush that your whole body tingled with goose bumps? That feeling your core recognizes as embarking on something amazing and magical. For me, that was envisioning my upcoming Healing & Hatching Retreat.

It brings together all of my favorite things: coaching, sea turtles, wildlife conservation, immersion in nature, international travel as well as building connections and community.

Ask anyone who has been inside my home, and they will tell you that there are sea turtles everywhere. Pictures of turtles on the wall, turtle statues as décor, turtle throw pillows, serving trays, mugs, salt-n-pepper shakers and even a sea turtle paper towel holder. I wear sea turtle jewelry and on my clothing. Our entire downstairs bathroom is done in sea turtles. There is not a room in my house that doesn’t have a sea turtle somewhere.

So to design a coaching retreat where folks can have a direct impact on saving baby sea turtles while vacationing in a remote, tropical, international destination – I am over-the-moon excited!! (And I’m convinced I’m not alone in this passionate pursuit. How often do you get to collect sea turtle eggs and release hatchlings into the ocean?!)

I also love retreats, both attending and hosting. There’s something special about bringing new friends that haven’t met yet together to share their struggles, passions and compassion with each other.

Plus, the Costa Rica rainforest is the perfect setting for tapping into spirituality and inner peace. Stepping away from distractions and immersing into a beautiful environment is the foundation for deep healing and fulfillment.

Then by adding in coaching tools that are healing in-and-of themselves, we have a recipe for a transformative experience at its most powerful.

If this sounds like an adventure you’d like to be a part of, please join me at Healing & Hatching June 4-10, 2019. Space is limited to 10 participants, so don’t wait!