Jennifer, California

“I’ve got my wife back.”  Those couple of words from my husband meant the world to me, and it’s a big thanks to Jenn.  When I started with Inversion Coaching, I felt lost and frustrated, and it was coming out in my daily life.  I’d always considered myself a patient person, and it just wasn’t … More Jennifer, California

Sharon, California

My coaching sessions with Jenn have been life-changing for me. She has opened my eyes up to so many things, especially the connection between our minds and our bodies. Before coaching began, I was feeling stuck in several areas of my life. Since working with Jenn, I am learning to let go of my fears … More Sharon, California

Michelle, California

I have been working with Jennifer for several months now and have made great progress in identifying my road blocks to success in many areas of my life.  I have tried combinations of traditional counseling/ therapy, meditation, and Reiki throughout the years during stressful times and Jennifer’s spot-on intuition and coaching techniques have, by far, … More Michelle, California

Marlene, Arizona

I truly appreciate the flexible approach Jenn brings to each coaching session. No matter what challenges I bring to the appointment, she quickly recognizes where I’m at energetically and adjusts her approach to help me deal with whatever has come up in my life. I value Jenn’s time and trusted presence. She’s an empathetic guide … More Marlene, Arizona