Cary ~ California

I have been working with Jenn for about 6 months now.  With her help, I have overcome some of the things that keep me up at night. We have worked on many different facets of my life and she helps me to see them in a new (and better) way.  She is attentive, sincere and always asks me the questions I didn’t know I needed to answer for myself.  Jenn always helps me to reground myself in a way that allows me to see things differently and helps me to explore myself so that i can be the best I can be.  I always ask her, “Why are you asking me hard questions??” But the truth is that without the hard questions, I would not be on my way to conquering the mountains I climb.  I feel that without our time together, I may still be stuck in the rut I was in.  I feel lucky to have her as a Life Coach so I can get the best life I deserve!! She has taught me that!