Marcia ~ Delaware

When I found Jenn (through my daughter), I was at a pretty low point in my life.  I was lost and stressed beyond belief. After the first phone session with her, I knew everything was going to be ok. I felt confident that she could help me conquer my issues, and that alone, gave me so much hope and confidence in myself. I did phone sessions with her, and was amazed how even over the phone, Jenn was able to put me in a calm state. With her, I could be myself and give in to the emotions that I hold back from everyone else.

Jenn approached me with compassion, with an open mind, and without judgment. She worked with me to achieve peace and balance in my chaotic life. Jenn helped me observe my thoughts so that I would not sink mentally into that deep, dark hole.  She also taught me how to bring myself up mentally so that I could be happy. Jenn helped me see a clear direction on what my future can look like and it’s exciting! I have gained a lot of strength, thanks to Jenn.

Throughout our weekly/bi-weekly phone sessions, we built upon my current strengths and developed new pathways for healing and growth. She used tools which made it possible for me to recognize, appreciate, and use my signature character strengths to assist me in any perceived problems I may have. She also helped me explore my habitual thought patterns that influenced my feelings and behavior. Jenn showed me how to become a better decision maker by learning to listen to my physical response (body compass) to each possibility when assessing multiple courses of action. She helped me restore a greater sense of self-trust.

I am very grateful for her presence in my life.